Liana was diagnosed with type one diabetes on April 26, 2011. Since that day, Liana's and her family’s life has never been the same. At the young age of 7 years old, she had to learn to quickly adapt to the disease that carries so much vigilance and care. She quickly matured and embraced having diabetes because after all, it is an everyday part of her life that never goes away. However, diabetes is still an everyday battle that Liana chooses to face with resilience and strength. The disease carries scary long-term complications resulting from high blood sugars over time, including blindness, stroke, amputations, kidney and heart failure. A person living with type one diabete has a lifespan that could even be decreased by 10-15 years due to the difficulty of keeping one’s blood sugar levels under control. With diabetes, perfection does not exist. Keeping one’s blood sugar levels under control is not an easy task as it depends on so many factors, making it hard to get it just right. Blood sugar lows could be very dangerous and could result in fainting and even a coma. In contrast, blood sugar highs equally pose a risk as they can lead to severe long term complications including heart and blood vessel disease as well as nerve, kidney, eye damage and pregnancy complications. As much as Liana tries the best she can, there is no way for her to be able to achieve the blood sugar levels of a non-diabetic. That is why we need your help, so that Liana, and all those living with this disease, could live their life just like everyone else, without having the constant worry that comes with this disease every single day.

Liana is positive that one day, she will be insulin-dependent free and will be able to live life without diabetes, and without the worry, stress, precision and hard work that it entails. With the great advancement of technology thanks to amazing doctors, researchers and dieticians who are working extremely hard and diligently to find this cure, she knows that it is soon to come. She is very thankful for these doctors and researchers who are dedicating their time and effort to finding a cure. With their help, she knows we are one step closer to finding this cure.

Until that miraculous day, she will continue hoping, dreaming, believing and praying for this cure. She is so thankful for all of you, her friends and family, who have supported her and who have made her journey so much easier and more manageable. She extends a special thanks to her siblings who have been supporting her from the start, have been there for her when she has needed it, have always had the most fun with her, and have never treated her any differently because of the disease. She would also like to give an extra special thanks to her parents who have guided her from the start through every step of the way and who have been the reason Liana still, and will always continue believing in a cure. They have helped her so much throughout this journey and have never failed to show her the most love and support she could ever ask for. She couldn’t thank them enough for being her number one supporters day after day. Liana’s family has made her realize that she is not alone fighting this disease, but that they will always be there by her side, fighting with her. Liana will always be thankful for their ongoing courage, determination, love and support. 

Liana knows that this is not the end, but most certainly not the start of her fight. She will continue believing every day for a cure. She is determined and positive that one day, thanks to all your support, herself and all those living with this disease will be able to say, ‘I used to have diabetes’. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We hope we can count on your help to get us one step closer to finding a cure!